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“I want to share my story so people who feel alone and discouraged might feel will, well, less alone and more confident.”  – JT

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I was diagnosed with a life-threatening syndrome called VATER/VACTERL the moment I was born.  I endured 250 days in hospitals before age 3 and 16 major surgeries before age 16. As soon as doctors discovered one condition and treated it, a new and worse one would pop up.

On top of that, I have such severe dyslexia and short-term memory loss that my school psychologist told me in fourth grade that I would be illiterate for life.

So, I pushed through and got really good at overcoming my own life challenges! As hard as it may I have been for someone who is dyslexically challenged I wrote a book!  UNTETHER is a message of hope to everyone that no matter what you may be going through you will pull through the relentless suffering into light-filled breakthroughs—because I and my family did and you can too!